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Thrift Store Find: Banking on odd

Oh the Thrift Store treasures you can find. This beautifully detailed bank teaches us that belly buttons are actual buttons to be pressed and the bum is… wait, that’s coming across wrong. Let’s just say this bank allows one to store coins where the sun don’t shine.

Bum shaped bank

International Showcase: Horlicks

Shopping at the imported food store is always fun. Often there is something on the shelf you had never heard of before – and like a big child, you laugh. You point it out to your friends and they laugh. Then you think “Wow, we are so immature”. And you laugh again.

Horlicks Malt Beverage

Never buy used: things for your bum

Thrift Stores sell lots of wonderful items. You can get vintage t-shirts for next to nothing. As an original hipster (now reformed), I got to experience the thrill of vintage stores in NYC, before the chains started making clothes that looked vintage. Well… even with all the great things you can find thrifting, there are many, Many, MANY things you should never buy used. Allow me to present the used, in a box, but still used… Bum Pillow. Don’t buy it. But feel free to put it in your friend’s shopping cart when she isn’t looking.

Foam Cushion for sitting

Smarty Pants

Smarter than you're image








Oh for the love of language. I am certain to make mistakes. Sometimes they are deliberate – to be funny. Sometimes it is out of ignorance. I do love words. I don’t consider myself smarter than you are (unless you are a complete dope).

Where to start?

Your blog author hard at work

Your blog author hard at work

Start at the beginning – obviously.

I am fascinated by the odd… from a sign at a store that is worded in a way that gives it a meaning other than the writers intent to objects like a wig found in the middle of a parking lot. These oddities are all around us. They each tell a bit of a story, or just give us a laugh.

Some odd things are actually places. See the world and you will see some wonderfully odd things. Explore even the common and you may see it in a new way.

I hope to share the wonderfully weird world I encounter. Hopefully it will give you a laugh or make you just say “What?”.

Let us all celebrate and explore the odd – it is all around us. Today we go…