Monthly Archives: May 2014

Time to decorate the Fourth of July Tree again

When decorating for Memorial Day and the Independence Day do you think of Christmas Trees? Well, the Christmas Tree Shop does and now they sell a pre-decorated tree for your mass consumption pleasure.

Christmas Tree for Independence Day

Thrift Store Mug Shot

The shopper of unusual mugs should always visit a thrift store.

Nun Mug

Forecast for Myrtle Beach Snow Globe: You’re In Dirty Water

Thrift Store Snow Globes! They are always perfect reminders of vacations – start off pretty, we buy into them, then we get home and slowly they change into something different. My suggestion: don’t buy a snow globe and just remember your vacation as it was.

Myrtle Beach Snow Globe

Is this how you turn lemons into lemonade?

At the dollar plus store and this box of crackers stopped me in my tracks. Who thought this was a good idea? Was it an attempt to win over kids that heard about the movie Blackfish?  “Mommy, I wanna eat Shamu and his Friends ’cause they are so cute”. No that doesn’t sound good at all. I’d laugh but it was just a reminder of how marketing is so out of touch with reality. Lemons sometime are lemons and no amount of coloring will make them not bitter to the taste.

Killer Whale Crackers

Ferbie sez: I like waffles

I don’t even remember reading/seeing waffles being served at Hogwarts.

Ferbie with a Hat On

Who? Hoo? What does the owl say?

Exactly how many ticks of the clock does it take to get to the reasoning behind making an owl clock? Perhaps it was a prized possession for a Twin Peaks fan, If not than Who?

Owl Clock

The Un-Reality of Advertising: Beach Chairs

Most of us love a day at the beach – sun, sand, sea and more sun. In this catalog ad for beach chairs the ladies are having the time of their lives. I stared at the photo for a long time – not because I like anything about it, but because those chairs looked heavy. I started to wonder… how did those chairs get on the beach? Is there a truck hidden nearby that brought them onto the sand? And do local ordinances allow trucks on the beach? So many questions. So I added a little bit of conversation to the ad to help calm my frustration with the image.

Chair on beach

Thrift Store: Dolls can make you laugh

Some toys just make you smile.

Dolls with earrings