Monthly Archives: June 2014

Thrift Store Rule: Know your brands

Savvy Thrifters know their brand name products. Sure the “S” on these high fashion “shoes” could identify these slip-ons as the latest design from┬áStella McCartney. Don’t be fooled – know your stuff before you shop. And if you want a pair of this fine footwear, check your local thrift store OR check-in to your nearest Sheraton hotel. Enjoy your stay.

Sheraton Slippers

Not feeling safe?

This is a sign posted on a hotel’s in-room safe. They call is a safe but it is not for keeping things safe. Got that? No? Well here it is broken down… if you put your things in the safe, someone may steal those things and the hotel lawyers want you to know they will not let you be reimbursed for the theft. Safe is not safe.

Hotel Safe Not Safe


When did dessert become soap?

Take your yogurt obsession to new levels with this tingling FroYo soap. Or you could just use sensible soap and use the extra savings to buy yourself a small edible frozen yogurt. FYI – if you have kids you may want to warn them that this isn’t food – as it looks edible from the packaging.

Frozen Yogurt Soap