Monthly Archives: October 2014

What the potato is this?

I suppose if you are getting your potato chips from Larry the Cable Guy you really shouldn’t expect gourmet. You shouldn’t even expect potato chips… these are TATER CHIPS. Also expect them to be discounted because they are only available at discount food stores. Want tater salad with your chips? What about a burger and some pickles? Here you go…

Tater Chips

Child abuse through bad Halloween costumes?

I had some great costumes as a kid – nice plastic masks with tiny holes to see out of, flammable material that felt like it was meant to be a garbage bag. But way back then parents were a bit clueless about what was safe. Now there are no excuses. No child should ever wear this costume – ever. It may not go up in flames, but it will surely encourage other children to throw eggs at your child. Don’t be THAT parent – get off your cell phone, miss your Pilates class, skip that round of golf AND buy or make a real costume for your kid.

Cowboy Costume

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

I hear often from friends how dating is hard. People are just not nice. And then the next minute they are telling me how So & So was too old, or too tall or too fat or too… yeah, just about everything. We set up all of these limits that maybe aren’t that important. Can we really look at ourselves in the mirror and see a perfect person? And if we aren’t perfect, why should we expect the person we just met to be perfect?

Online Profile

Smell the rainbow?

Love the taste of Skittles candy? Watching your caloric intake? No worries, because now you can suck on air while burning a Skittles scented candle. Warning: Skittles Candle is not candy. You should not eat Skittles Candle as it does not taste like Skittles Candy.


Dance like you want people to watch

On a cruise with Big Baby and the instructors actually thought he was too small to dance – something about being stepped on. Big Baby don’t care. You shouldn’t care either. Dance or don’t, but do not let anyone tell you “You can’t”.

Dance Big Baby