Monthly Archives: January 2015

Let’s go with the theme

We had a Camouflage candle and now a Marine Musk candle. I’m hoping they mean marine as in ocean, but one can never be certain these days. I did sample this one and it didn’t smell of sweat so all clear.

Marine Musk candle

For those like candles but don’t want to smell them

You’d expect a “Camouflage” scented candle to smell like it’s surroundings, right? So this candle in my house would smell like pizza. YUM. Well, this candle doesn’t smell like pizza. And that Beer scented candle smells like beer only after you’ve had a few.

Camouflage Candle

Shoe Less

You can find lots of odd stuff in parking lots. These shoes were spotted in a parking lot with a shoe store. Did the former owner buy new shoes and just say “I am done with these, let me leave them in the parking lot”? Probably.

Parking Lot Shoes