doll portraitI am fascinated by odd places and things. And the odd is everywhere. You can be walking down the street and see a wig sitting there – where did that come from? Does the person who lost it know? Are they walking around thinking they have a wig on and no one wants to tell them it’s gone? I’m all for wigs left in parking lots because they are odd. There is a story behind them, but what is that story? That’s what we will make up.

Along the way I’ll be showing off – YES, showing off – my toys. I have toys. A grown man with toys. Get over it. If there is one benefit of being an adult it is the ability to buy your own toys and candy. So what are you waiting for? Buy that doll or toy car and be who you want to be. Life is meant to be fun. Toys make my life fun. Hopefully you’ll find them amusing too.

I hope to share the wonderfully weird world I encounter. Hopefully it will give you a laugh or make you just say “What?”. Most of the images on the site are my own. If they are from another site I will do my best to give credit to the source.

Let us all celebrate and explore the odd – it is all around us. Today we go…

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