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Read the box before buying

I think someone at this store wasn’t sure what The Devils Rejects was. Well – it isn’t a children’s movie.

The Devil's Rejects

Perhaps if it were used it wouldn’t be in a thrift store.

Most people don’t need to be told NOT to use exercise equipment.

Exercise Machine

Which toilet did you fill with soap?

Why anyone would want a mini toilet to hold soap is a mystery to me – but there is no judgement. You do what you want just, please fill the toilet soap dispenser with soap and not toilet water. That’s not too much to ask for.

Toilet Soap Dispenser

What is that smell?

We all smell our hands after stuff – hey, don’t deny it. Own up to your weirdness. This is a safe place. Now that we are past the denial stage… acceptance should not include wanting a painting of a kid smelling his hand.

painting of child smelling hand

What’s In A Name?

Some products have odd names. They aren’t wrong – just odd. For us that’s a good thing.

Small Sac

Let’s go with the theme

We had a Camouflage candle and now a Marine Musk candle. I’m hoping they mean marine as in ocean, but one can never be certain these days. I did sample this one and it didn’t smell of sweat so all clear.

Marine Musk candle

For those like candles but don’t want to smell them

You’d expect a “Camouflage” scented candle to smell like it’s surroundings, right? So this candle in my house would smell like pizza. YUM. Well, this candle doesn’t smell like pizza. And that Beer scented candle smells like beer only after you’ve had a few.

Camouflage Candle

Shoe Less

You can find lots of odd stuff in parking lots. These shoes were spotted in a parking lot with a shoe store. Did the former owner buy new shoes and just say “I am done with these, let me leave them in the parking lot”? Probably.

Parking Lot Shoes

What the potato is this?

I suppose if you are getting your potato chips from Larry the Cable Guy you really shouldn’t expect gourmet. You shouldn’t even expect potato chips… these are TATER CHIPS. Also expect them to be discounted because they are only available at discount food stores. Want tater salad with your chips? What about a burger and some pickles? Here you go…

Tater Chips

Child abuse through bad Halloween costumes?

I had some great costumes as a kid – nice plastic masks with tiny holes to see out of, flammable material that felt like it was meant to be a garbage bag. But way back then parents were a bit clueless about what was safe. Now there are no excuses. No child should ever wear this costume – ever. It may not go up in flames, but it will surely encourage other children to throw eggs at your child. Don’t be THAT parent – get off your cell phone, miss your Pilates class, skip that round of golf AND buy or make a real costume for your kid.

Cowboy Costume