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trying to be a little bit funny

Don’t let the dog eat the candy

You can take your canine friend door to door on Halloween, but please don’t let it eat any candy. 


Something is missing

Funny how the title of ABC’s show Young & Hungry displays on the guide a bit differently at times.

Young and Hungry

Only works if you open the windows

If you have a stinky flat, no desire to actually clean, and a window that opens… these curtains may be just what you are looking for. Think of all the time and money you will save not having to drive to the store, buy cleaner, then actually pressing the trigger on the bottle to spray some clean scent into your rooms.

Stink Curtains


Who do you love?

This is the perfect gift for someone who has coats and loves sheep. Not the “Oh they are alright” kind of love, but the “I have to let everyone know I love sheep” sort of love. That’s deep.

Sheep coat rack

You attract what you want

Think of something you want – maybe it’s a chance to speak with your boss about an idea. Think of how great it will be when you tell her your idea and the positive outcome. Think of how she thanks you for the idea. See what happens. When you suddenly run into your boss and it seems random that it happened – it was not. You willed it to happen. Test it out with something you want to happen.

Perhaps if it were used it wouldn’t be in a thrift store.

Most people don’t need to be told NOT to use exercise equipment.

Exercise Machine

What is that smell?

We all smell our hands after stuff – hey, don’t deny it. Own up to your weirdness. This is a safe place. Now that we are past the denial stage… acceptance should not include wanting a painting of a kid smelling his hand.

painting of child smelling hand

What’s In A Name?

Some products have odd names. They aren’t wrong – just odd. For us that’s a good thing.

Small Sac

Let’s go with the theme

We had a Camouflage candle and now a Marine Musk candle. I’m hoping they mean marine as in ocean, but one can never be certain these days. I did sample this one and it didn’t smell of sweat so all clear.

Marine Musk candle