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What is the chef making tonight?

Sometimes it’s all about product placement at the thrift store. I’m sure these two (three?) found a great home as they were not on the shelves long.

Chef and Mug

Pretty Pony

Someone thought this pony might take a run for the thrift store exit. But why should Pretty Pony run when it has so many great toys to play with in there.

Pony in corral

Read the box before buying

I think someone at this store wasn’t sure what The Devils Rejects was. Well – it isn’t a children’s movie.

The Devil's Rejects

Which toilet did you fill with soap?

Why anyone would want a mini toilet to hold soap is a mystery to me – but there is no judgement. You do what you want just, please fill the toilet soap dispenser with soap and not toilet water. That’s not too much to ask for.

Toilet Soap Dispenser

Child abuse through bad Halloween costumes?

I had some great costumes as a kid – nice plastic masks with tiny holes to see out of, flammable material that felt like it was meant to be a garbage bag. But way back then parents were a bit clueless about what was safe. Now there are no excuses. No child should ever wear this costume – ever. It may not go up in flames, but it will surely encourage other children to throw eggs at your child. Don’t be THAT parent – get off your cell phone, miss your Pilates class, skip that round of golf AND buy or make a real costume for your kid.

Cowboy Costume

You’ve got to disregard the sign for results

The original owner also did not use this exercise machine – it’s at the thrift store!

Exersize Equipment Sign

Toys that teach

The life of a Thrift Store Doll is full of danger. The doll may be in pristine new condition OR it could be subjected to all the tortures of family life. Won’t you help a Thrift Store Doll? Buy one today and give it a good home.

Doll with face dirt

Thrift Store Rule: Know your brands

Savvy Thrifters know their brand name products. Sure the “S” on these high fashion “shoes” could identify these slip-ons as the latest design from┬áStella McCartney. Don’t be fooled – know your stuff before you shop. And if you want a pair of this fine footwear, check your local thrift store OR check-in to your nearest Sheraton hotel. Enjoy your stay.

Sheraton Slippers

Thrift Store Mug Shot

The shopper of unusual mugs should always visit a thrift store.

Nun Mug