Have you looked in the mirror lately?

I hear often from friends how dating is hard. People are just not nice. And then the next minute they are telling me how So & So was too old, or too tall or too fat or too… yeah, just about everything. We set up all of these limits that maybe aren’t that important. Can we really look at ourselves in the mirror and see a perfect person? And if we aren’t perfect, why should we expect the person we just met to be perfect?

Online Profile

Smell the rainbow?

Love the taste of Skittles candy? Watching your caloric intake? No worries, because now you can suck on air while burning a Skittles scented candle. Warning: Skittles Candle is not candy. You should not eat Skittles Candle as it does not taste like Skittles Candy.


Dance like you want people to watch

On a cruise with Big Baby and the instructors actually thought he was too small to dance – something about being stepped on. Big Baby don’t care. You shouldn’t care either. Dance or don’t, but do not let anyone tell you “You can’t”.

Dance Big Baby

A sure sign of potentional hotness

It’s probably not a good idea to put a metal statue at ground level where kids will be encouraged to climb on it. Also not good if the metal gets really hot because it is out in the sun all day. But that warning sign will definitely stop a child from running up and playing.
Statue gets hot

Vegetarian Safe?

International food stores are always fun places to shop. You might find a favorite from your travels or you just may not know what something is. What you will always find is something with a funny name.


I am puzzled by this “Motivational Puzzle”

Discount stores have some of the weirdest things. I’d like to meet the marketing person who thought Fear Factor would make a great puzzle – and then market it is as a “Motivational Puzzle”. What would happen if you didn’t solve it?

Motivational Puzzle

You’ve got to disregard the sign for results

The original owner also did not use this exercise machine – it’s at the thrift store!

Exersize Equipment Sign

Caution: Light Post

Sometimes our society gets a bit sign happy. This parking lot has light posts. Someone probably opened their car door into the light post. That same person probably tried to sue the owner of the property. A sign was made. How long until we have a sign in this lot that reads “Caution Moving Vehicles”? Maybe I have it all wrong and this is warning people who are light sensitive?

Caution Light Post

Product Placement Fail

Truth is that in a thrift store you will find merchandise in odd categories. These very uninviting traps were with party invitations. This would be a party no mouse should attend.

Party Invitations

Toys that teach

The life of a Thrift Store Doll is full of danger. The doll may be in pristine new condition OR it could be subjected to all the tortures of family life. Won’t you help a Thrift Store Doll? Buy one today and give it a good home.

Doll with face dirt