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When did dessert become soap?

Take your yogurt obsession to new levels with this tingling FroYo soap. Or you could just use sensible soap and use the extra savings to buy yourself a small edible frozen yogurt. FYI – if you have kids you may want to warn them that this isn’t food – as it looks edible from the packaging.

Frozen Yogurt Soap

The Un-Reality of Advertising: Beach Chairs

Most of us love a day at the beach – sun, sand, sea and more sun. In this catalog ad for beach chairs the ladies are having the time of their lives. I stared at the photo for a long time – not because I like anything about it, but because those chairs looked heavy. I started to wonder… how did those chairs get on the beach? Is there a truck hidden nearby that brought them onto the sand? And do local ordinances allow trucks on the beach? So many questions. So I added a little bit of conversation to the ad to help calm my frustration with the image.

Chair on beach