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Thrift Store: Dolls can make you laugh

Some toys just make you smile.

Dolls with earrings

Tony Award Nominated…

Dolls only get jealous of other dolls Рthis is a fact I learned from the recluse lady that runs this fascinating doll blog. She says that if you give each doll equal attention then no doll feels left out. Hmm. She sounds a bit crazy.

James Franco Doll with Hedwig Playbill

Thrift Store peril or cool find?

Before you reach out to pick up something at an estate, garage or thrift store sale – be sure to accurately identify what you are reaching for. When in doubt just rustle the items nearby and check for movement. If an item looks dirty, it is dirty so proceed with caution and gloves OR shop with a friend who isn’t concerned with these things. But seriously, most sales are clean. This was a toy rat that gave me a good scare at first look.

Thrift Store Rat Toy

Look at this clown

The Thrifter must become immune to the clown no matter how scary. Clowns may rule your nightmares… but they also rule the shelves of every thrift store. Build up your courage and don’t let them get you down – their intentions are good (usually).

Clown Twerk