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Thrift Store Mug Shot

The shopper of unusual mugs should always visit a thrift store.

Nun Mug

Forecast for Myrtle Beach Snow Globe: You’re In Dirty Water

Thrift Store Snow Globes! They are always perfect reminders of vacations – start off pretty, we buy into them, then we get home and slowly they change into something different. My suggestion: don’t buy a snow globe and just remember your vacation as it was.

Myrtle Beach Snow Globe

Who? Hoo? What does the owl say?

Exactly how many ticks of the clock does it take to get to the reasoning behind making an owl clock? Perhaps it was a prized possession for a Twin Peaks fan, If not than Who?

Owl Clock

Thrift Store: Dolls can make you laugh

Some toys just make you smile.

Dolls with earrings

Thrift Store peril or cool find?

Before you reach out to pick up something at an estate, garage or thrift store sale – be sure to accurately identify what you are reaching for. When in doubt just rustle the items nearby and check for movement. If an item looks dirty, it is dirty so proceed with caution and gloves OR shop with a friend who isn’t concerned with these things. But seriously, most sales are clean. This was a toy rat that gave me a good scare at first look.

Thrift Store Rat Toy

Look at this clown

The Thrifter must become immune to the clown no matter how scary. Clowns may rule your nightmares… but they also rule the shelves of every thrift store. Build up your courage and don’t let them get you down – their intentions are good (usually).

Clown Twerk

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Siegfried and Roy of Las Vegas Tiger fame had a t-shirt? I must admit that I wanted to buy this shirt but for all the wrong reasons. It would be an ironic t-shirt, and sadly the irony might not be funny, just ultimately a bit sad. So I looked it over at the thrift store and left it for someone else to find. Who do I think bought it? Someone who likes tigers and has no idea who Siegfried and Roy are.

siegfried and roy t-shirt

Thrift Store Find: Banking on odd

Oh the Thrift Store treasures you can find. This beautifully detailed bank teaches us that belly buttons are actual buttons to be pressed and the bum is… wait, that’s coming across wrong. Let’s just say this bank allows one to store coins where the sun don’t shine.

Bum shaped bank